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art_battle's Journal

Digital art battles
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What's it all about?

Here's your chance to prove yourself, by doing digital art battles.

Once you join, you can either post a "fight offering" or you can "pick a fight". There is another option and that's challenging someone to battle. Check out the fighters list where you can find all available "fighters".

If you don't know what is a battle, check this post. You can also have a look at the previous and current battles by browsing the memories or by reading the battles list

What are the rules?

Battle rules:

a. Sign your volleys: username vs. username round # (Except icons)
b. Put the number of the round in the lj cut (either the link or in the content).
c. Tag your entry with your username and your battlename: username vs. username
d. Size has to be under 1024x768, format has to be either .jpg or .png.
e. Deadline: 2 weeks for each volley. (though, a day or two late is okay.)
f. One can participate in 3 battles at a time. NO MORE.

General rules:

1. Absolutely no OT posts.
2. No rude comments, bashing, flaming, cheating, or anything else that is not lj friendly. You can get banned for doing this.
3. RESPECT. r-e-s-p-e-c-t. each other.

What is the pattern?

When posting a battle, you will have to use a pattern for the initial post.

Subject: fighter 1 vs. fighter 2
Number of volleys: (keep it an even number, has to be over 4)
Special rules: (keep something from the previous round, have a simbol on all volleys, have the same text on all volleys, and so on)

The one who makes the first volley is the one who posts the main battle post.
Then, every next volley is added as a new post in the community, using the same pattern.

Stick to this and you wont make a mistake.

Link us

Please link back to us on your user info or anywhere you want! It would be great to get some new members!

Who are the mods?

Your friendly mods are:

moondancerjen x riekchen

Feel free to contact them for any questions, doubts or comments.

How to affiliate?

To affiliate, just leave a comment here.

Our affiliates:

hilarydicons x sparklesluv x ___amazed___ x 12months x maniptopmodels

What else do I need to know?

The mods reserve the right to change any rules, edit any posts or ban users for not following the rules.

Note that this community is made solely for fun, therefore you shouldn't take all this very seriously, or lose your nerves about it.

Credits for the layout go out to elli, inxsomniax, tre, and getty images.